Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cartwheel by Target

I should start by saying that Target Corporation has absolutely no idea that I'm doing this post, but I love Target and I like to save money so I'm sharing this with you for those reasons alone. 

It's basically a digital coupon book that is just scanned at the register when you make a purchase.  It also keeps track of how much money you're saving - which I LOVE!

If you haven't heard of Cartwheel yet, you can check it out on Target's website or simply get the app on your smartphone (I know that it's also available for the iPad). The Cartwheel app is completely free, but the only catch is that you have to sign up using your Facebook account. I suppose that's their way of advertising and that's what makes it possible for the app to be free.  

I have the iPhone and iPad, so those are the screenshots you'll see on this blog post. I'm signed into Cartwheel on both devices. (I think it's easier to browse Cartwheel on my iPad, but I use my phone in the store. if you happen to carry your iPad with you, it could be used in the store to redeem the coupons as well.) 

I also want to note that I have the Target Red Card, so I'm saving an additional 5% on everything. 

Cartwheel Activity
You can see what your friends add to their cartwheel slots, what coupons they use and their running savings total.

My Cartwheel
This page is the one you will need to have open at the register for the cashier to scan the bar code. This is where you can find your savings total and your coupon slots. I signed up for Cartwheel on July 30 and have saved $33.57!!

I've only bought things that we would normally have in my house. I already do most of my grocery shopping at Super Target and we really like Target's brand of milk and cheese. I also like Up & Up diapers for my little lovie. 

Cartwheel can also be used with manufacturers coupons and one thing that was too good to pass up was this Revlon eye shadow. I rarely take the time to put on eye shadow (so when I do it better stay on all day!) and I usually use PUR Minerals, but this was a good deal and worth a try. It claims to last 16 hours!

I took this coupon from my mom's Sunday paper so I wasn't even out the cost of the Sunday paper!

And here's my Cartwheel coupon.

The regular price of the eye shadow is $4.49. I'm not very good at math, but here's what I think the cost came to: 
$4.49 - $2 (manufacturer coupon) = $2.49 - 25% (Cartwheel) = $1.86 - 5% (Red Card) = $1.77!!!

NOTE: Now that I purchased this I'll click the remove button and it will open up another coupon slot. Three are some things that I always keep in my Cartwheel such as milk, since I buy that frequently.


Did you know that you can find printable coupons on Target's website as well? And I have found quite a few items that are on Cartwheel that also have a printable Target coupon!

To find the printable coupons, go to www.target.com/coupons or just go to target.com and type 'coupons' in the search box on the website.

Here's an example... 

M&M's are on Cartwheel for 5% off and Target.com has a printable coupon for $1 off two bags. Those don't last very long at my house, so I'm going to buy two bags anyways. I'll save 5% with Cartwheel, get $1 off with the coupon and then save another 5% with my Red Card. 
BONUS: They are on sale this week for $2.66 each.

Using Cartwheel earns your badges. Click on each badge to see how to earn that particular badge. Earning badges unlocks more coupon slots. I currently have 20 slots, but I believe you start with 15. Obviously more slots equals more coupons which equals more savings! Yahoo!

I've earned 6 of the 8 badges. One of the remaining badges will be unlocked when I save $50 and one will be unlocked when I save $100. I believe I'll get another coupon slot for each.

You can view all of the coupons at once (which I think is a bit overwhelming) or you can click on a particular category to see what offers it currently holds. Make sure to check the details for expiration dates and exceptions. Clearance items typically are not included, but weekly sale items are. Bonus!!

I don't use this very often, but adding something from here will earn you another badge. The weekly add double dip is a good one to start with since those items are on sale and you'll save even more money. 

Just another way to see what friends have recently started using Cartwheel and see what badges you've earned recently. 

Help Center
This will answer some frequently asked questions. Most of it is about Facebook. 

This is where you'll go to control what gets added to your Facebook timeline and where you're able to turn off your total savings.... Although I'm not sure why you would want to hide that!

Hooray for savings!!!


  1. Downloading it right now! I had no idea, and I am always at Target! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Hey, thanks for the tip. I love Target, too!!